5 Tips to Avoid Sugar Belly this Summer

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(HealthCastle.com) As Summer starts rolling in, you will see a lot of store advertisements and promotions for beverages prepared with a variety of  "healthy" ingredients to refresh your day.  Some of these beverages may be packed  with nutrients while some can have a sugar content even worse than a chocolate bar.  Choosing the right refreshment is the key to stay away from sugar belly.  Make your own cool drinks for hot summer days!  Here are some ideas for you to stay cool in healthy ways:

Water is a calorie free beverage - but if this is too plain for you, try adding a few slices of  citrus fruit and/or fresh herbs and you will never be disappointed;

Coconut waterthe natural fluid from coconut fruit, is an alternative to regular water; it works well with fruit to create smoothies or just simply add a few slices of citrus fruit (lime/lemon) and ginger to energize your day;

Sparkling water, also unknown as club soda, soda/carbonated/seltzer water, is water that has undergone the carbonation process.  Jazz up your sparkling water with fresh herbs like mint which will give your taste buds a real kick;

Tea is another popular base you can use in you summer drinks - take advantage of its wide varieties, from black tea to green tea, to inspire you with countless beverage ideas;

Fruit is the staple of many summer drinks - as simple as apple juice or if you enjoy a tropical breeze, a blend of pineapple, papaya, mango and fresh lime juice will definitely do the trick.

So, what's your favorite healthy summer sipper?

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