Eat in Season: What is Available in BC during Summer?

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( Eating locally has never been easier than right now as the growing season has already started.  Both farmers markets and roadside stands are offering freshly grown ingredients for us to enrich our recipes.  All locally grown produce is picked for flavour and can be on our plate within hours of harvesting from the fields.  Here is a list to help you shop for some common fresh produce available in BC from June to August:

Local Produce Shopping List

Vegetables June July August
Artichokes     x
Beans   x x
Beets x x x
Broccoli x x x
Cabbage (Green)     x
Carrots x x x
Cauliflower x x x
Celery x x x
Chard (Swiss) x x x
Corn   x x
Cucumbers   x x
Fennel x x x
Garlic     x
Kale x x x
Leeks x x x
Lettuce x x x
Onions x x x
Peppers     x
Potatoes New New/White Red/Russet/White/Yellow
Radishes x x x
Rhubarb x x x
Spinach x x x
Squash (Summer) x x x
Tomatoes   x x
Zucchini x x x

Fruit June July August
Apples     x
Apricots   x x
Blackberries   x x
Blueberries     x
Cherries   x x
Currants   x  
Gooseberries x x  
Melons     x
Nectarines   x x
Peaches     x
Pears     x
Plums     x
Prunes     x
Raspberries   x x
Saskatoon Berries x x  
Strawberries x x x

Herbs June July August
Bay Leaves x x x
Basils x x x
Chives x x x
Chives (Garlic) x x x
Cilantro x x x
Dill Leaf Leaf Leaf/Seed
Epazote x x x
Fennel Leaf Leaf Leaf/Seed
Lavender x x x
Lemon Grass   x x
Marjoram   x x
Mints x x x
Oreganoes x x x
Parsleys x x x
Rosemarys x x x
Sages x x x
Savory (Summer) x x x
Sorrel x    
Tarragon (French) x x x
Thymes x x x

Aren't you surprised by the variety of fresh ingredients we have?  There are many resources available to help you incorporate local ingredients into your dishes.  

Support local farmers by visiting your local farmers' markets or roadside stands for the freshness and moat nutritious home grown ingredients!  

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